Health Data Science

Positive patient outcomes require high diagnostic accuracy, access to the latest medical data and advanced research techniques.

Think Technologies is developing the latest advanced AI with the aim to help health professionals in the latest fight against disease.

“Machine learning models are as good as medical professionals at diagnosing disease.”   

Jeff Dean, Google Senior Fellow.

Eric Schmidt, former chairman and CEO of Google; Eric Lander, founding director of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard; and Jeff, Google senior fellow discussing AI in Healthcare and Biomedical Research. 

Think Technologies develops solutions for health professionals looking to close the gap between their overwhelming datasets, and the health of their patients.

Patient Outcome Projections

Artificial intelligence has proven itself to be faster and more accurate than diagnosticians, especially when physicians are faced with thousands of medical images, and millions of lines of patient notes and drug research. 

Think Technologies’ AI allows rapid interpretation and analysis of large volumes of data, which can increase the speed and accuracy with which doctors and nurses can improve patient outcomes in real-time. 

Think Technologies - Patient Outcome Projections
Think Technologies - AI for Medical Research

Accelerated Medical Research

Researchers are overwhelmed with the volume of medical data required to ingest when searching for specific drug, therapy and outcome data. New research is published daily around the world.  It can take months or years to find and process the information needed to update protocols, improve training, and develop novel drug therapies. 

Our machine learning algorithms and advanced training methodologies can assist in dramatically reducing the amount of time it takes to extract relevant information from some of the world’s largest data sets. 


Social Health Sentiment

Pandemics like SARS, MERS, H1N1 bird flu and 2020’s novel coronavirus Covid-19 have shown that the presence and spread of a virus can be followed and predicted by analyzing the enormous volume of social media content generated by populations at the center of outbreaks.

Think Technologies’ machine learning algorithms based upon advanced convolutional networks (CNNs) accelerate the ingestion, annotation, and analysis of massive amounts of data, which can help generate actionable alerts and insights for pandemic response teams and first responders in real time.

Think Technologies Social Health Sentiment

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