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Artificial Intelligence Solutions

We invest in, incubate, and help commercialize leading AI and Machine Learning opportunities.

Our Vision:

Liberating and empowering businesses to grow. Automatically.

We believe in the unstoppable power of human creativity and innovation. Technological advancements have introduced immense opportunity around the world, yet the complexity required to leverage these opportunities seems unnecessary. Our vision is to leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to accelerate business growth by automating tasks better left to machines.

Our First Product:

Mavyn.ai is an AI-powered marketing platform designed to completely automate the process of creating, deploying and optimizing digital ads.

AI Brand Analysis

Mavyn uses Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing AI to understand your brand.

Audience Profiling

Utilizing machine learning, Mavyn analyzes your audience to provide rich insights.

Magical Ad Creation

Combining brand and audience learnings, Mavyn can automatically create and deploy ads.

Non Stop Optimization

Ads are optimized in real time for audience, budget and messaging, leveraging learning across the platform.

AI-driven businesses will deliver $1.2 Trillion in value by 2020

Investments in AI are expected to triple, with over $169 Million in venture capital invested in Canada alone in Q2 of 2018. Think Capital provides access to that market.

  • Investments in AI to triple by 2020Few technology sectors have seen the level of growth that AI is experiencing. Contact us to learn more about how to get involved.

Industry and Educational Partnerships

We work closely with industry partners, educational institutions and governmental organizations to further advance the commercialization opportunities of AI and machine learning.

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