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We develop, incubate, invest in, and deploy AI solutions for Business Threat Detection and Management, Health Care, Sustainability, Marketing and more.

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Liberating and empowering businesses to grow. Automatically.

We believe in the unstoppable power of human creativity and innovation. Technological advancements have introduced immense opportunity around the world, yet the complexity required to leverage these opportunities seems unnecessary. Our vision is to leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to accelerate business growth by automating tasks better left to machines.

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40 Trillion Gigabytes of Data were created by the end of 2020.

Data is the new oil, plain and simple. Every business requires data to make critical, and timely decisions. Yet, the exponential growth of data globally has lead to key problems for every business.

  • Only AI can Make Sense of this Amount of DataStandard computing systems were never designed to ingest and make sense of massive disparate data sets. AI technologies, including natural language processing and neural networks, thrive on finding patterns and insights that were unheard of prior to AI.

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We work closely with industry partners, educational institutions and governmental organizations to further advance the commercialization opportunities of AI and machine learning.

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