Marketing Data Analysis

It’s never been more challenging for brands to connect with their audience.  Understanding brand sentiment and reputation is as critical now as it ever was. Think Technologies helps brands large and small by providing AI-driven sentiment analysis and image detection & annotation. Our machine learning profiles a brand’s own content and analyses their customers’ sentiment online.

One of our incubated AI products for Marketing Professionals:

Think Technologies - Artificial Intelligence for Marketers with Mavyn AI is an AI-powered marketing platform designed to completely automate the process of creating, deploying and optimizing digital ads.

Think Technologies - Mavyn AI Brand Analysis

AI Brand Analysis

Mavyn uses Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing AI to understand your brand.

Think Technologies - Mavyn AI Audience Profiling

Audience Profiling

Utilizing machine learning, Mavyn analyzes your audience to provide rich insights.

Think Technologies - Mavyn AI Magical Ad Creation

Magical Ad Creation

Combining brand and audience learnings, Mavyn can automatically create and deploy ads.

Think Technologies - Mavyn AI Non Stop Automation

Non Stop Optimization

Ads are optimized in real time for audience, budget and messaging, leveraging learning across the platform.

Think Technologies delivers solutions for marketing professionals interested in engaging their audience more meaningfully, and understanding social sentiment more thoroughly.

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